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Cavache Properties, LLC

Cavache Properties is a real estate development and investment company with offices in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, Florida. The company is comprised of well known, seasoned management, board members and investors who have collectively developed over $2.5 Billion in commercial and residential real estate, representing over 5,000 units and millions of square feet of office and retail space. The team consists of developers, architects, general contractors, land development contractors, real estate brokers and investment professionals.

Adache Group Architects

The award winning firm Adache Group Architects has had a national and global reputation for fifty years as a leading international architectural firm specialized in creating luxury multifamily, residential projects, hotels and resorts located in dozens of states, in over 45 countries and on five continents. Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, along with several strategic alliances worldwide, Adache Group and their international network are proud of their past accomplishments resulting in hundreds of projects consisting of tens of thousands of residential, resort and hotel units.

Daniel E. Adache, Managing Director

  • Mr. Adache has been chairman of the award-winning Adache Group Architects since its inception in 1969, having been involved in the design of over 20,000 multi-family units.
  • In his entrepreneurial spirit, brings a broad range of value from his years of experience, not only as an architect but as a successful real estate developer and general contractor, as well. As a real estate developer, Adache has often been referred to as the developer’s architect.
  • As a co-founder and principal of the Adache Group Architects, Colonial Development Group Inc., and Hospitality Development Group, Adache through his real estate development companies has developed townhomes and single-family homes as well as nearly 4,000 hospitality and condominium units, totaling over $1 billion Dollars.

Adam Adache, Managing Partner

  • Mr. Adache is a managing partner of Cavache Properties LLC and manages various aspects of the day to day operations of the company along with the other partners. More specifically he oversees ongoing construction, initial property selection, feasibility, investment analysis and due diligence of various properties and development sites and brings a wide range of construction, real estate brokerage, and development experience to the team.
  • As a principal, Mr. Adache has been involved in the development, sales and marketing, and management on multiple commercial and residential real estate projects in Florida
  • Mr. Adache is also the Managing Partner of Adache Real Estate LLC, which is the sales and marketing arm for Cavache Properties and oversees a marketing network of brokers, buyers and investors in multiple countries.
  • In addition, Mr. Adache is an owner and co-founder of Cavache, Inc. a dredging and land development contractor that has site developed over 2,000 acres of land throughout the state of Florida.
  • Mr. Adache is a certified licensed General Contractor and a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida.

Anthony Cavo, Managing Partner

  • Mr. Cavo is a managing partner of Cavache Properties LLC, and along with the other partners, manages the day to day operations of the company. More specifically, overseeing the site selection, construction due diligence, estimating, construction cost analysis and project feasibility.
  • Years of experience and generations of knowledge provide a back bone of onsite problem solving expertise to each and every project. Mr. Cavo has over 20 years of involvement in residential and commercial real estate, and development as well as road construction and utility installation. His hands on expertise include the project management of over 100 employees on various jobsites bringing invaluable experience to the team.
  • In addition, Mr. Cavo is an owner and co-founder of Cavache, Inc. a dredging and land development contractor that has site developed over 2,000 acres of land throughout the State of Florida. Mr. Cavo is a licensed Contractor and active real estate Investor.